Rumores Buzz em Carlos Eduardo Lula

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Despite being imprisoned for the last three months, Lula continues to lead opinion polls in October’s presidential election, with 30% of the vote in a June survey conducted by the polling company Datafolha. His conviction, however, could disqualify him from taking part in the race.

Although Lula, as he is universally known, will remain free pending an appeal – and his supporters denounced the sentence as political persecution – the ruling marks an extraordinary fall for a leader Barack Obama once called “the most popular politician on earth”.

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Following Judge's Moro issuing of an arrest warrant for the ex-president, on April seis, 2018, Lula appealed to the UN"s Human Rights Committee to ask the government to prevent his arrest until he had exhausted all appeals.[131] Lula argued that the Brazilian Supreme Court had narrowly adopted its ruling with only six votes against five, which “shows the need for an independent court to examine if the presumption of innocence was violated" in his case.

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Em 17 agosto o Comitê do Direitos Humanos da ONU solicitou qual o Brasil garantisse a Lula este pleno exercício de seus direitos políticos, contendo este acesso à mídia e aos membros por seu partido.

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Lula has been imprisoned since April following his conviction for accepting a seaside apartment as a bribe from Brazilian construction company OAS.

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